S&P Global Market Intelligence and Starboard Maritime Intelligence

News · ALEXANDRA (New Zealand) · 12 May 2023

Global intelligence engagement strengthens maritime domain awareness

Starboard Maritime Intelligence announced it has engaged S&P Global Market Intelligence to provide value added intelligence services to the maritime information market. The collaboration means intelligence analysts working to stop issues like illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing and reduce transnational crime now have access to real-time maritime domain awareness integrated with the world’s most comprehensive vessel information.

The engagement is focused on building impact by providing maritime analysts with the best tools available. Augmenting Starboard’s maritime domain awareness software with S&P Global Market Intelligence vessel information can help with challenges like unpicking complicated vessel ownership structures, identifying potential indicators of IUU fishing, and understanding combined histories of vessel behaviour and changes in vessel information over time.

“S&P Global Market Intelligence is the leading provider of vessel information,” says Trent Fulcher, CEO, Starboard Maritime Intelligence. “Being able to understand the complex relationships between vessel ownership or model a vessel’s risk based on its characteristics are powerful tools for analysts. It helps them to more efficiently and accurately identify illegal behaviour.”

This vessel report prototype from Starboard Maritime Intelligence shows how the real-time integration of vessel ownership information and behavioural insights will provide new and valuable insights into the maritime world.

The collaboration also includes an expansion to AIS from vessel based receivers and S&P Global Market Intelligence’s terrestrial AIS network. With this expansion, the Starboard team is delivering an increase of around 11% in the number of vessel’s tracked in some congested areas.

“Maritime Domain Awareness is a growing market as concerns for climate security, food security, and biodiversity loss continue to rise,” says Fulcher. “Now more than ever there is a need for deep, accurate, and insightful information that can be used to assess and act on negative human impacts to our oceans.”

Analysts can receive alerts identifying vessels of interest based on sophisticated algorithms which analyse vessel movements, compliance issues, and travel histories.

The team hosted a webinar in June on the importance of combining vessel behaviours with accurate ownership information for ocean protection. They shared examples of how analysts work with this information to identify high risk vessels. Watch George Devereese, Product Management Director for Maritime Intelligence Risk Suite and Maritime Portal from S&P Global Market Intelligence and Andy Hovey, Chief Product Officer, in the recording.

Learn more about the Sun Flower 7 case and supporting analysis in this webinar co-hosted by Starboard and S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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