Improve your nations’ biosecurity by reducing the risk of invasive species entering via your maritime borders

Starboard is intuitive web-based software ideal for monitoring the biosecurity risk of arriving vessels. It helps analysts to prioritise inspection activity and prevent the introduction of invasive species.

Starboard supports governments, researchers and NGOs by combining vessel tracking data with the science and tools they need to protect their environment.

Automated biosecurity risk assessments that speed up vessel arrival screening

Check for biosecurity risks on arriving vessels

Arriving vessels are automatically assessed for biosecurity risks based on extensive global automatic identification system (AIS) data, scientific models, and other relevant information.

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Prioritising vessels for hull inspection and cleaning (coming soon)

Arriving vessels are assigned relative estimates of biofouling severity allowing analysts to prioritise vessel hulls for inspection. This supports a comprehensive approach to biosecurity by ensuring that pathways for non-indigenous species are managed.

Co-develop new risk assessment models

We have a cross-functional team of scientists and engineers that co-develops risk assessment models with customers, which are then integrated into Starboard. We can work with you to develop and implement custom models for your biosecurity compliance requirements.

Insights and tools to support inspection planning

Prioritise the list of arriving vessels

Analysts and compliance teams can see when and where to prioritise inspections by referencing real-time vessel locations, estimated arrival times, and risk ratings.

This view can be shared with other Starboard users by simply sharing the URL or vessel information can be downloaded.

Real-time vessel arrival estimation for inspection planning

Estimated arrival ports and times are available for vessels arriving in New Zealand. Starboard assesses port schedules, self-reported destination information from AIS, and analyses vessel speed and heading to derive the most accurate arrival port and time estimate.

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“Biosecurity efforts have even expanded into space, with Xerra Earth Observation Institute’s leading-edge software which is helping protect Aotearoa from pests via international shipping.”

— New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries press release for the 2021 biosecurity awards

Flexible pricing and plans to suit

Pricing and plans range from short term satellite data analysis and support to providing global automatic identification system (AIS) data and comprehensive monitoring of your maritime domain.

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