Comprehensive global maritime monitoring provided in a secure web-based platform

Global plan

Global maritime monitoring for your whole organisation

Great for providing Starboard access to everyone in your organisation, from front line officers to back office analysts. End the issues that come from limited user licences, complex software and incomplete AIS data.


  • Global vessel movement analysis via exactEarth AIS data
  • Automated vessel risk assessments for different risk factors
  • 500,000+ vessel database
  • Access Starboard on any device
  • Focus on vessels entering exclusive economic zones
  • Ability to upgrade plans temporarily to add dark vessel detection through collecting and analysing multiple sources of satellite data
  • Download AIS data for past vessel tracks

Comprehensive dark vessel detection plan

Add dark vessel detection through additional satellite data analysis

Everything included from global maritime monitoring, with the addition of dark vessel detection through collecting and analysing multiple sources of satellite data.


  • Dark vessel detection and automatic comparison with AIS data in up to 15 optical, synthetic aperture radar or radio frequency satellite data collections per month at previously agreed areas of interest. Unlimited extra collections are available at additional cost. These are displayed in Starboard and available to all users in your account.
  • Support from scientists who are experts in optical imagery, synthetic aperture radar imagery, and radio frequency data, to establish the most effective satellite data to use for your area and vessels of interest.

Custom plan

Operations support and custom risk model development

To support on-water operations we work with you to plan, task, rapidly analyse and detect dark vessels in satellite data. The resulting intelligence is displayed in Starboard and available to all users in your account.

We understand not all areas of the world and maritime challenges are the same. Our team can collaborate with you to develop bespoke risk models, which deliver real-time intelligence in Starboard and help you tackle challenges unique to your areas and vessels of interest.


Discuss your organisation’s goals and different options with us

You don’t need to know exactly what you need, and what the best way to proceed is. We can discuss this with you, and you can start a Starboard trial and see what works best. During the trial you’ll meet the team who will get your organisation set up and discuss how to get the most out of satellite monitoring and Starboard with you.

You can change plans at any time. If you need to monitor an area of interest with additional satellite data we can support that.

Just after that report?

Sometimes our customers just need a spreadsheet or a report that helps answer a question they have. These customers are often scientists or policy-makers who are seeking evidence to support a research question.

Our team will work with you to understand your question and use our deep understanding of satellite technology, data science and vessel activity to get you the answers you need.