Research and development to help organisations find the vessels and activities that matter to them

Join us for upcoming webinars and discussions, or watch on demand when suits you.

Sessions are short, interactive and designed to help organisations and our users understand how new developments in Starboard might support their current work.

These discussions are also an opportunity to learn from you about where to next for our research.

Finding the few among the thousands: Uncovering noteworthy vessels

In September we hosted two discussions with our science team on finding noteworthy vessels.

These 30 minute sessions allowed plenty of time for questions and were designed to help customers understand how these models work in the background and get feedback that will help shape future research in this area.

An area in Vietnam’s EEZ with over 2,000 vessels present on a single day. Applying the anomalous movement filter brings this down to just 4 vessels which may warrant further investigation.

Vessel networks

Fernando Cagua and Heather Deacon discuss vessel networks which uncover hidden on-water relationships to known bad actors in illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fishing. The model starts with 30 vessels and uncovers a network of 5,000 vessels.


Anomalous movements

Joseph Corbett and Mat Brown discuss anomalous movements to identify previously hidden behaviours. These behaviours could be deviations from standard journey routes or unexpected deceleration and course changes.